EU increases Schengen visa fee to €80

On June 6, the European Union adopted a visa regulation to improve conditions for legal travellers and to increase the means available to respond to the challenges of illegal immigration. Additionally, visa fee has increased!

The new charter includes allowing applications to be made up to 6 months and maximum at least 15 days before the departure, filling the application form electronically and adopting a harmonised approach to publishing. In a written statement by the Council of Europe, the visa history will be gradually increased from 1 to 5 years for a period of regular travel to multi-entry visas, they said.

Also, the regulation decided to increase the visa fee from € 60 to € 80.

We will see many improvements in the regulation as well. Once it’s fully published, we will share it with you again. However, one of the most important issues is undoubtedly increasing the fees to 80 euros. You will also need to apply no later than 15 days before your flight date. Let’s see how this is going to be in practice.

The regulation, which was previously approved by the European Parliament (EP), will enter into force six months after it is published in the EU Official Newspaper. As far as we know, by January 2020, the regulations will be in effect.

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