KLM Airlines: get ready to fly on the wings!

KLM Airlines seems to change and rewrite the aviation rules. Get ready to fly on the aircraft’s wing and enjoy your journey.

KLM Airlines, which is aware of the fact that air pollution generated by air vehicles has reached serious dimensions and will continue to increase, seems to be taking the first step in the aviation sector with the new aircraft project FlyingV.

Thanks to the new airplane project, passengers will be able to move in the wings. The aerodynamics also offer a better performance than today’s aircraft, and offers up to 20% fuel savings compared to the similar Airbus model.

It also causes less damage to the environment because less oscillation. This project is expected to provide discounts on airplane tickets as it provides significant fuel savings. (hopefully!)

The FlyingV project, which is still a concept stage project, was given a date. According to the statement from the company, FlyingV is scheduled to start flights in 2040.

Stay tuned! Stay Vedego!

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