Instagram will reduce its mobile data usage!

Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms in the world, has recently acquired new features along with new updates.

With updated camera interface, new stickers and new shopping features, Instagram now has a feature. It will now have the data saving feature of Instagram.

What will the Instagram data-saving feature offer?

With the data-saving feature, users will not download images unless they touch the images. The unwanted images seen on it will not waste your internet. Of course this feature can be turned on and off.

Users will be able to set this feature to be active only in cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. Both users will be able to use this feature actively.

This feature, which targets users with low network speeds and limited internet availability, will be available only on Android devices in the first phase. It is among the expectations that it will be available for other platforms in the following periods.

This feature is very useful for those who complain about too much internet spending on Instagram. In this way, users can no longer complain about Instagram’s excessive internet spending.

To use this feature, follow the steps ”Settings >> Account >> Cellular Data”. In this window you can activate the feature and make the desired settings.

Stay tuned! Stay Vedego!

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