Ikea announces intelligent furniture for small apartments

Not everyone can afford large houses and apartments that fit every whim of residents. Most of us, therefore, bet on apartments where every piece of space is worth its weight in gold.

And in some places around the world, housing problems are enormous, which is why nobody is surprised by a few or a dozen or so-meter apartment, in which you have to fit all the necessary elements. This is where multifunctional furniture comes into action, thanks to which you can have different equipment on the same surface, depending on your needs. The Rognan, a shape-changing set of furniture from the popular IKEA network, was created for such places.

The project was created in cooperation with the American furniture manufacturer Ori, and its main assumption is to provide customers with innovative and flexible furniture that will adapt to their current needs. One of the elements of the Rognan series is, for example, a hybrid bedroom and living room – on one side there is a sliding bed and several storage cabinets, and on the other a sofa.

By pressing one of the buttons, you can move the entire structure to the wall, right or left, increasing the space for the current selection. During the day, we can use the living room with a sofa, and when the time comes to go to bed, the room gives way to a bedroom where we have a large comfortable bed. It can not be hidden that on the demonstration material it looks phenomenal and will certainly find a large group of recipients, of course, if the implementation of the idea falls at an equally high level.

Unfortunately, to find out, we have to wait a bit longer, because so far there is no official data about the release date of the Rognan series. The Verge sources say that in the first place users will enjoy it in Hong Kong and Japan, i.e. next year, so the debut in other parts of the world may be even more distant. Well, it seems, however, that it is worth waiting, because it can be a big revolution in small apartments.

However, as far as we know from the movies, there are similar ‘technologies’ in Japan. Most of the people there live in small apartments and they all have similar bedrooms to have multifunctional flats.

Well, it would be great to have that system in Europe as well.


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