Holiday packing: what clothes to take for a holiday to Greece?

Beautiful, sun-drenched beaches and atmospheric Greek towns are the dream of many travellers. The country of olive groves, feta cheese and the most famous ancient monuments tempts not only with great culture, but also ideal for holiday-like leisure. So what to pack in a suitcase for a holiday in Greece?

First of all, thin clothes in bright, not attracting sunlight colors. After all, the colors of Greece are ubiquitous white and blue!

What to take on holidays to Greece depending on the region and month?

What you should pack in your luggage depends on when you are going to Greece and where you are going. Generally, Greece is a very sunny country, the summers are long and hot. However, different temperatures should be expected in the north of the country and others in the south. It might be colder in mountainous regions, so when going to Greece for trekking, you should obtain a warmer outer coat and long pants. The warmest is in the Peloponnese and island areas. Reliable dresses and shorts will be reliable, as well as clothing that protects from sunburn. Coming to Greece in the winter? It is worth getting a rain jacket, as it happens there – although short-lived, but frequent and abundant – rainfall. In the summer months you can not forget about the right headgear and airy shoes.

What clothes to pack on holiday in Greece?

Greece is aptly associated with sandy beaches and sun-warmed atmospheric streets of charming cities. In such circumstances, light and airy clothing works best. The suitcases of the ladies should include shorts, blouses on straps, swimming suits and airy summer dresses. When completing luggage, you can not forget about sunburn protection. Coming to Greece in the summer, in addition to the cream with a filter, it is worth taking with you a light outerwear (eg a thin cotton shirt or beach pareo). For gentlemen, it will be best to come with ordinary shorts and airy t-shirts. Regardless of when and where you go, remember that you can always get colder days anytime, anywhere. Even if you do not take them out of the suitcase throughout the trip – it’s worth having a warmer sweatshirt and long pants with you.

Which footwear works best during the trip?

For holidays in Greece, it is best to bring light shoes made of airy material. Flip-flops or sandals are useful for the beach, and thin sneakers or sneakers for exploring the cities. For summer dresses, fashionable leather sandals, cork wedges or ballerinas made of cotton are best suited. Avoid plastic pumps and firmly built footwear. The high temperatures in Greece combined with plastic shoes can cause painful foot scars, and nobody wants to spend a dream vacation in a hotel room, right?

Accessories that must be in your suitcase during a Greek trip

When choosing winter styling, we focus mainly on making it warm. In the summer, we can have a little more fun with accessories. A wonderful complement to the holiday outfit, and at the same time its very practical element is the headgear. They can be all kinds of straw hats, interestingly tied scarves or full style of the cap. They not only look fashionable, but also protect the head from heating. Do not forget to bring good quality sunglasses to the beach. They also fulfill both decorative and protective functions. Dress the whole outfit with a fashionable jewelry and purse in a given season, in which you can place a cream with a filter, guide, map and all other accessories necessary for travel.

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