Your new travel assistant: mobile apps

How much do you use mobile apps when buying airline tickets? Applications no longer sell tickets only. They have almost become ’travel assistants’. Everything from booking to baggage can be done through the application.

Our smart mobile phones have been replaced by computers or cameras. Mobile applications are also everywhere. At the beginning of the intensive use, air ticket sales are coming. Every year, millions of passengers buy their tickets from mobile applications. If you try it at least once, you may be get addicted and start tracking everything related to your journey via applications.

More than half of check-ins are by mobile

The most intensive phase of use, reservation and price tracking. According to SITA, which develops information technologies for the sector, 85 percent of the users launch the mobile application for this purpose. Check-in issue is in the second place. 54.5 percent of check-in is carried out with mobile application. Passengers pass through the security check, showing the mobile code and their identities. This is that simple. The luggage tag is at the third place with 48 percent. The check-in and the luggage label are also created by the application. Excess baggage payments are made here. Another use is the rapid increase in the passenger’s baggage from the mobile application “self-drop” to be referred to the so-called points. If you make online check-ins, then you can just ‘self-drop’ you luggage and walk into the plane.

What else?

You can find your way at the airport, follow the changing door number and be aware of the promotions. You can also continue to use the airline’s own mobile applications in the airplane without paying a fee to the internet. Moreover, there are some apps to allow you to track the airplane while flying to the destination. Then if you are waiting for someone, you track him/her and then get know when they are landing to the airport.

Why should we use applications?

Information comes faster: Trying to see the information on the website from your mobile phone can occur problems. It’s more practical to check everything from the mobile application.

Not only for flight: With mobile apps you can check in and check your lost luggage quickly. Plus you can contact to your airline if you need any help.

Don’t miss special prices: Airline companies are sometimes able to do special promotions for mobile applications. This information is transmitted directly to the mobile phone of the people who download the application. Plus, you can set reminder for special prices, and don’t miss them in any way.

Find out where you’re at: You can get information about the city you are driving, rent a car and find the hotel through the applications of airline companies or ticket sales agencies. There are many apps which can perfectly help you.

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