The MacBook Pro receives Intel’s 8-core processors

The MacBook Pro has been refreshed. Apple has admired computers in Intel’s 8-core processors and in this way laptops have become even faster. Relative to models with 6-core chips, the efficiency increase reaches 40%. In addition, the new MacBook Pro has an updated keyboard, which should be less problematic.

Apple announced the new MacBook Pro. The laptops received Intel processors – the 8th and 9th generation. In the top configuration, a system with 8 cores appears for the first time. The company from Cupertino claims that notebooks with 4-core CPUs can see a two-fold increase in performance, and those with CPUs with 6 cores up to 40%.

The MacBook Pro with an Intel 8-core processor is only available in a 15 “screen version, with 13” laptops that only have configurations with 4-core CPUs. The design remained unchanged, but an element was also mentioned, which Apple does not mention in his own information. It’s a keyboard.

As we well know, recent MacBooks have had problematic keyboards. To the extent that even a free exchange program has been launched. The new models have introduced a revised keyboard. It has a new material for the butterfly mechanism, which should effectively protect it from previous problems.

You should go and check the prices on Apple’s website, and you can also take a look at older models because their prices are falling.

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